About Spread the Word – EMDR Transforms Trauma

Welcome to the new Spread the Word Blog. If you have a story about how EMDR trauma or performance therapy has helped you, please share your story. We also welcome any tips and “how-to’s” you can offer about how to be extra kind or helpful to yourself as you do the work of therapy.

We appreciate it if your blog is at least 200 words. Some of the most helpful or varied blogs will be published in the “Spread the Word” quarterly newsletter. In each issue of the Newsletter we are interested in having one story about trauma, one about performance, and one related to child or teen EMDR therapy. Submitting your story to the blog means you are also giving permission for your story to be published in the newsletter.

Whether your story is posted in the Newsletter or not, it is still very valuable. The Newsletter will link to the blog, so people can read the stories that didn’t fit in the Newsletter.

Thank you so much for helping to “Spread the Word” about EMDR Trauma and Performance Therapy!

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