I just posted that I am new to blogging, but I wanted to include that PSTD was so horrible that I was diagnosised with PNES physcogenic non eplipectic seizures. Dr Shaprio works closely with my EMDR neuropsychologist. I am very interested in sharing my “life” and given renewed life thru EMDR Iwould like to write a book from the patient point of view. Does this blog have any connection with Dr. Shaprio?

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  • danaterrell.lcsw:

    Dear Karla Ann,

    All EMDR Therapists who have taken the excellent training from Dr. Shapiro’s EMDR Instititue are, in that sense, connected with her. She and her staff have trained over 70,000 EMDR therapists, so you can see it is a very large collection of people I am fortunate to be a part.

    I encourage you to share your story with our readers. I and they would deeply appreciate it.
    Kind regards,
    Dana Terrell, Blog Host and ComprehensiveTherapyApproach.com Host

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