Harper’s Bazaar Article about EMDR will help Sacramento people find an amazing counseling approach

Alix Strauss wanted help getting past the extraordinarily painful breakup of her marriage.  She had tried crying, lots of talk therapy and support of friends, yet still she was depressed and “stuck in the past.”  Finally a counselor recommended EMDR to her, which she had never heard of.

To me this part of the story is tragic.  EMDR has been thoroughly research validated for 20 years, and accepted by every major insurance for about 10 years with the exception of Tricare which finally approved it in 2007.  Yet it is still not well known.  The article called EMDR “radical” but I hardly think something covered by all insurances could be considered radical. They approve payment only if research has been rigorous.

I want people to know about EMDR so they can get help promptly rather than suffer for a long time.

Check into the Harper’s Bazaar Article, and come back if you would like to comment.  I’d love to keep the conversation going.

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Cheering the spread of knowledge about EMDR!




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