EMDR Therapy for Stress, Anxiety or Trauma in Newport Beach, CA

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprecessing) is a powerful therapy that has been researched for 25 years.

It has been shown to help people recovery from both ordinary stress and extraordinary trauma.

EMDR has been proven to free people from phantom limb pain after an amputation.  Such pain really adds insult to injury. It is hard enough to have the trauma that caused the amputation, and then the grief over the loss of a body part.  But to have pain in the part as if it is still there is terribly depressing.  Pain medications and surgery often do not resolve it.  Apparently the pains are remembered in the brain.  EMDR is good at helping to “digest” and process such memories so than they enter a calm or neutral state.  No more pain.

If EMDR can help for a problem this intense, think about what it can do for you.

Newport Beach is fortunate to have a highly experienced and trained EMDR therapist, Lois Bregman, LCSW, EAC.

Link here to find her:

EMDR Therapy in Newport Beach, CA

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