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Performance Enhancement Help for an Educator-Therapist

Encouragement from a Primary Care Physician
I had an interesting experience once while trying to educate people about EMDR. I introduced my primary care physician to it and he responded with enthusiasm. He suggested that I contact his hospital’s Grand Rounds provider so I could speak there. When I did, the Doctor in charge said, “We don’t want to listen to social workers.” I said, “Would it help if I co-presented with a PhD psychologist?” He responded, “We don’t want to listen to PhDs.” I was in such a state of shock that I just said, “Oh,” and found some polite way to hang up quickly. I’d just experienced a small “t” trauma.

Kaiser ACES Study
For a few years I gave up on the topic until 2011, when I studied the Kaiser ACES Study (see separate article) and a 2010 survey of Family Practice physicians. I realized that it is essential for doctors to learn about trauma, how to screen for trauma, and how to talk to patients about it. Many physicians now recognize this importance. One study found that 50% would like to receive training on this.

To “gear up” I returned to my EMDR Therapist for 1 Session
So, as I prepared a course for physicians and other health care providers, I realized that old negative comment about social workers and psychologists was blocking my ability to prepare the class confidently. I was feeling “shaky.” I sought EMDR therapy with a Certified EMDR therapist who has worked with me before, so we didn’t need to do the history-taking stage, or prepare me for the work. We could just assess the aspects of this one memory and proceed into the desensitization phase of EMDR.

60 minutes of EMDR neutralized the memory read the rest of the article

Wow! I am so grateful for my EMDR therapy!

…so grateful that I started a Directory website of Certified EMDR therapists, and this blog. My goal is to spread the word about EMDR and encourage others to try it for some issue in their life.  To learn more,

check out and watch the video from CBS News Special Reports

I tried EMDR in 1997 when I was afraid to start my second private practice in psychotherapy. The first time I had a practice, it went well after my first outreach attempt. But I never made a second attempt. So, my clientele dropped off. I concluded that I wasn’t good at private practice.

Thus, I had fear about trying it again. I confided this to my friend, Angelica, who exclaimed, “You’ve got to try EMDR!” “What’s EMDR?” I asked. She gave enough info to convince me to try it. My EMDR therapist responsibly conducted a thorough history-taking session, and taught me a self-help skill called “Safe Place”.

The next week after hearing my successful results from the “Safe Place” exercise, she decided we were ready to have a 90 min. EMDR session. At the end of the session I truly had NO fear. It was gone! I immediately signed up for training to become an EMDR therapist. My practice grew to a sustaining level in just 18 months, which is about half the usual rate of 3 years. And this happened despite the fact that I did no additional formal training or coaching in how to set up a practice. I just got a bit of advice here and there from mentors and kept going forward without fear.

The amazing part of the story is that now I have a specialty of giving consultation to EMDR trauma and performance therapists in how to build their private practices. I have even given seminars on the subject!

Dana Terrell, LCSW, EMDRIA-Approved Consultant