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EMDR Therapist Susan Kluge has joined the Sierra Madre branch of Comprehensive Therapy Approach website

In launching the Los Angeles Directory of Comprehensive Therapy we are delighted to welcome Susan Kluge, MA, LMFT.  Her office in Sierra Madre is on West Sierra Madre Blvd.

Susan Kluge is a Certified EMDR Therapist who specializes in serving Teens, Adults, Couples and Seniors.  She has a  Certificate in Gerontology.

Additional specialties Susan has include:  Anxiety, Panic Disorders, Trauma and PTSD, Depression, Addiction Recovery, Co-Dependency, Obsessive Thinking, Compulsive Behaviors, Self-Esteem Issues, Loss and Grief, Life Transitions, Stress management, Relationship Issues, Childhood Issues, Spirituality.

The Treatment Modalities she employs include:  EMDR Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, Pre-Marital Counseling.

Please link here to her Profile Page (under construction) on Sierra Madre


EMDR and My Financial Avoidance

Many years ago I had a bankruptcy, foreclosure and loss of two parents within a six month period. It spiraled me into a situation that required some medication for a couple of years.

After that, I was overwhelmed any time I saw bills in the mail. Anything from the IRS was so terrifying that I often didn’t check my mailbox for a month or two, and then wouldn’t open my mail. Years went by without filing tax returns because of my avoidance issues.

Finally a friend of mine suggested I see a therapist skilled in EMDR. With EMDR, I started noticing very quick results. In our history-taking work I discovered that my challenges with financial matters were accumulating much before the actual bankruptcy. These issues took more sessions, however it all worked wonderfully.

Now I no longer have fear to open mail, do financial planning, and even talk to the IRS. I have filed over a decade of past tax returns, and am finally getting back into integrity with all my financial affairs.

My life is much more at ease and peaceful. My therapist also recommend that I go to Debtors Anonymous. Though I truly resisted it, I found I was not alone in my resistance to face financial problems. Even though I have healed most of my avoidance issues, I continue to go to DA because it’s a good constant reminder, and it feels good to be supportive of others.

EMDR is a powerfully effective method and I tell my friends about it. From what I understand, it is a way to engage both the right and left side of the brain during the therapy process. This boosts the effectiveness many times over since its not just an intellectual exercise. I recommend you try just two or three sessions and I’ll bet you’ll be amazed at how fast it works. I think in two sessions it cleared my long-unresolved sadness over the death of one of my parents.

EMDR: Finally Grieving the Loss of my Father

I am so glad to find a place where I can share my EMDR story. My father died suddenly (drowned) when I was twelve.  Due to my mother’s mental illness, I was never allowed to mourn his death, or to speak of him ever again. Forty years after his death, I began experiencing a debilitating fear of loss that manifested in incredible anxiety and panic when my only daughter began to drive (the last time I saw my father, he was driving away from me).

My therapist suggested EMDR, and I have now completed five rounds of treatment, with incredible results. Through EMDR I have been able to begin to process my father’s death.  I am working on breaking the link that I had formed, as a result of this trauma, between emotional attachment and loss. I feel taller and lighter every day — EMDR really has worked for me.

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