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Seattle Counselor for Stress, Grief and Loss: Victoria Claravall

 Victoria Claravall is an EMDR Therapist in Seattle

Victoria can help with Stress, Trauma, even PTSD, Grief/Loss, whether it just involves you, or your relationship or even the whole family.  To learn more about her and her services, please see her listing on our local web directory for Certified EMDR Therapists:

Victoria’s Seattle Profile Page

Seattle Counselor helps with Depression, Anxiety, and Bad Experiences

Carol Peters is an EMDR Therapist in Seattle

She also helps adults and children with PTSD, EMDR, Trauma-both childhood and adult, Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss,  Creating Healthy Relationships.  Carol has qualified for an exclusive Seattle web directory of Certified EMDR Therapists.  Please check out her profile page on Comprehensive Therapy to learn more about Carol Peters and how she can help you:

Link to her Seattle Profile Page:  Carol Peters, LMHC

EMDR: Finally Grieving the Loss of my Father

I am so glad to find a place where I can share my EMDR story. My father died suddenly (drowned) when I was twelve.  Due to my mother’s mental illness, I was never allowed to mourn his death, or to speak of him ever again. Forty years after his death, I began experiencing a debilitating fear of loss that manifested in incredible anxiety and panic when my only daughter began to drive (the last time I saw my father, he was driving away from me).

My therapist suggested EMDR, and I have now completed five rounds of treatment, with incredible results. Through EMDR I have been able to begin to process my father’s death.  I am working on breaking the link that I had formed, as a result of this trauma, between emotional attachment and loss. I feel taller and lighter every day — EMDR really has worked for me.

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Pam Preston, Baltimore, MD