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I just posted that I am new to blogging, but I wanted to include that PSTD was so horrible that I was diagnosised with PNES physcogenic non eplipectic seizures. Dr Shaprio works closely with my EMDR neuropsychologist. I am very interested in sharing my “life” and given renewed life thru EMDR Iwould like to write a book from the patient point of view. Does this blog have any connection with Dr. Shaprio?

Relationship or Couples Issues in East Davis, California? Davis, CA Couples Counselor – find a Counselor who can Help you Find Intimacy and Connection Again

I’d like to introduce you to Diane Simon, LMFT, a dedicated and caring, highly qualified and experienced EMDR therapist in East Davis, CA. She specializes in treating relationship issues couples face.  I keep meeting her at valuable trainings around the state, including today in La Jolla taught by Katie O’Shea.

We are learning a wonderful, effective, safe and efficient way to help people with their emotions, including fear, sadness, depression, anxiety, and many, many more.  This approach, using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing psychotherapy) helps couple to resolve disturbing past experiences, especially those that happened early in their lives, that may be the cause of current relationship difficulties.  Yes, current issues are important too.  But past difficulties or lack of nurturing almost seem to set us up for failure. O’Shea’s method allows us to heal.  We can learn that emotions serve us, can come and go easily, and not be problems in our relationships.

Diane is EMDRIA Certified in EMDR and can help you to learn this way to live with your emotions, and hence become more comfortable together in your relationship.  Please link below to find the Davis, CA page and the link to Diane’s profile.  Give her a call in Davis and get going today.

East Davis, CA Page on



“Shoot First” is a sad attempt to prevent trauma or death

Rethinking Florida’s “Shoot First” Law

We live in an instant gratification society.  People don’t take the necessary time to think or talk things through.  Some college roommates argue by sitting side by side at their desks, texting the conflict.  Some don’t know how to turn, face each other and share directly.  I’ve heard the report of a man learning of his girlfriend’s affair through a Facebook boast by the new boyfriend.  In Florida we have people scared that they might be attacked, shooting quickly, with fatal results.  And now in California, we have a producer of an inflammatory video about the Prophet Mohammed who has caused great aggravation to Muslims, resulting in the death of our ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens yesterday, September 12, 2012.


As EMDR Trauma therapists, we deal with the aftermath, all the loss, grief and pain that got “sprayed” by the bullets.  I treat trauma survivors, which may include survivors, family members or witnesses.  In an excellent documentary called “EMDR” a college professor said, “If you don’t transform pain, you transmit it.”  EMDR is a research validated way to efficiently transform pain and trauma.  I am concerned the “Shoot First” law Florida will transmit more and more pain and trauma.

To learn more about how EMDR can help with the pain of traumas and tragedies, please visit our website:

Floridians, please rethink this law.  I can understand the frustration that went into it, but there are better solutions.

In addition to being a therapist, I have been a self-defense instructor.  That training is excellent, and could be given to every high school student, especially if it also gives the skills for psychological defense against psychological assault/bullying/gossip (or whatever you want to call it).  When people feel confident in their physical and assertive skills, they can see problems coming and avoid or overcome them.  This is just one suggestion.

Travon Martin did not need to die.  Please correct the situation with a better solution to an important problem.  Let us prevent more people in ordinary life from suffering extraordinary, early death.  I understand the law was an attempt to do that.  But we can and must do better.  Best wishes to Florida in doing so.

Seattle Counselor helps with Depression, Anxiety, and Bad Experiences

Carol Peters is an EMDR Therapist in Seattle

She also helps adults and children with PTSD, EMDR, Trauma-both childhood and adult, Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss,  Creating Healthy Relationships.  Carol has qualified for an exclusive Seattle web directory of Certified EMDR Therapists.  Please check out her profile page on Comprehensive Therapy to learn more about Carol Peters and how she can help you:

Link to her Seattle Profile Page:  Carol Peters, LMHC

Lois Bregman, LCSW, AC offering counseling that makes a difference in Newport Beach, CA

I am happy to welcome Lois Bregman, LCSW, AC to the Orange County branch.

I’ve had the privilege to attend many trainings in EMDR with Lois. EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  It is a well researched therapy that is very effective at helping our brains to heal from stressful, distressing or even traumatic experiences that may lead to anxiety, depression, PTSD (post-traumatic stress) or Panic Attacks. More info about EMDR can be found on the Home Page of Comprehensive Therapy

It impresses me that Lois continually seeks out innovative applications of EMDR for specialty needs, such as Panic Attacks or Panic Disorder, Eating Disorders, Relationship and Marital Issues, Anxiety, Depression, and Adults molested as children.

Lois Bregman, LCSW, EAC is highly experienced in EMDR.  She serves new EMDR therapists in their Level 1 and Level 2 trainings, and gives them follow-up consultation as well.  Additionally she helps fully trained EMDR therapist to become Certified by completing 20 additional hours of consultation, 12 hours of advanced training in EMDR, and 6 other requirements.  Beyond that, she assists Certified EMDR therapists to become Approved Consultants such as herself.

Would you like to read more about her philosophy and how she helps people seeking freedom from issues that may have been affecting them for a long time, even after trying therapy in the past, but being disappointed?  To read more about Lois Bregman, please link here:


June 27, 2012 is the third National PTSD Awareness Day

Tomorrow, June 27, 2012 is the third National PTSD Awareness Day.  It exists thanks to a resolution sponsored by Senator Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) and passed by Congress. (Thank you, Senator Conrad!)

This date is chosen in honor of a North Dakota Army National Guard Staff Sgt. Joe Biel who took his own life following two tours in Iraq. Biel’s birthday was June 27th. There are concerns that up to 30 percent of the veterans of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan may be affected by PTSD. With such large numbers of returning troops, we need well trained mental health professionals to help our veterans.   And we need informed people like you, who can share useful facts and info with dear ones who can use it.

The tragedy is that PTSD is resolvable.  Much research has proven that EMDR can help PTSD resolve without a lot of talking or homework between sessions.  And, people continue to improve once the therapy is complete.

CBT can also help people successfully, for those who are comfortable with talking and homework.

To find Certified EMDR therapists in the Veteran’s health system, ask your doctor or social worker.  It has been approved by the VA and by the Department of Defense.  If it is not available in your local VA, it is a political issue, and may need political solutions.  You might contact Senator Conrad for ideas or your own senator or congressperson.

If you are a civilian, you might still have PTSD without having gone to war.  Research has shown that people can have higher PTSD scores for non-life-threatening traumas or stresses.  Certified EMDR therapists can be easily found in the following cities/areas, please link to their local Directories:

Bay Area Certified EMDR Therapists

Los Angeles Certified EMDR Therapists:  (will launch the first members in a week)

Orange County Certified EMDR Therapists

Sacramento Area Certified EMDR Therapists 

San Diego County Certified EMDR Therapists

Seattle Area Certified EMDR Therapists 

Washington State Certified EMDR Therapists

If you want a similar directory to come to your area, please contact me, Dana Terrell, at


Treating Anxiety and Depression with EMDR Therapy in San Diego

in Oakland, CA on March 31.  Her topic of EMDR and Depression is a very important one.  Research is needed on the EMDR treatment of depression, but some has been done.

In the 2007 Jan issue of the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, research was published by van der Kolk, DL Korn, et. al. They found that at 6 month follow-up 75% of adult-onset PTSD clients (also with depression symptoms) receiving only 8 sessions of EMDR treatment achieved a status of being free from the symptoms of PTSD or depression.

Those who had child-onset trauma achieved a 33.3% eradication of PTSD and depression symptoms.  The therapists involved thought that those clients could have achieved the same success rate if they received more than just 8 sessions of EMDR.  This research actually compared EMDR and Prozac for the treatment of PTSD.  EMDR was effective.  Prozac was not.

We have many Certified EMDR therapists in the San Diego Area who can help with Anxiety and Depression.  To find them, please link to the’s San Diego EMDR Directory.

EMDR is Driving my Recovery from PTSD and Addiction

One week ago I sat in a rental home in Bodega Bay, vacationing with my sister. It was cold. I lit a fire in the fireplace. No big deal, right? Something anyone would do? Not me. Not since January 17, 2009. January 17, 2009 a cooking fire left me with burns to over 20% of my body: right hand, arm, and torso primarily. I lived alone and was not found for 2 days. I was not to survive. Hospitalized for five weeks, half of which I spent in a coma, I was released with no use of my hand or arm and scars that ran so deep, even the best surgeon and physical therapist were unable to help.

At the insistence of family and friends, I reluctantly contacted multiple therapists. I signed on with my EMDR therapist not knowing what to expect, and quite honestly without much hope. The universe works in mysterious ways. My therapist introduced me to a process called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). She explained that EMDR has been used in PTSD with wonderful results. I didn’t care. I only wanted some small moment in time where I was free from the night and day dreams of the fire. I wanted to cook a meal without feeling sick. I wanted to forget.

My therapist wasted no time and within weeks of signing on, I was LOVING the process. As we worked through the memories of the fire and its aftermath, I found myself counting on sessions with my therapist to quiet my mind. In the past 40+ years, I have been unable to find any relief from an overactive, chattering mind. Nothing, that is, but alcohol. I am a recovering alcoholic and have been an active member of AA. Still, the mind chatters. My therapist and I discussed the application of EMDR in recovery from addiction. Today, I wonder how, after all the recovery, the rehabs, and the pain, why have I not heard of this? I realize that there are as many approaches to recovery as there are addicts, and I would never presume to know what will work for another, but for me, EMDR is driving my recovery.

EMDR is a process that one must experience to understand. I trust in it, and yet am not entirely convinced I understand it. Not that I care. Today I have no fear of fire. I have no nightmares. I have few thoughts of drinking. I look forward to my EMDR sessions. I have found the application of EMDR useful in so many ways: trauma from the fire, addiction, quieting the mind, and now, sorting through the memories and traumas of my past.”

BayAreaTraumaTherapy has just Launched, thanks to Ann Gildersleeve!

Ann and her colleague Karin Kleiner had been very interested in creating a Bay Area directory web site serving PTSD sufferers with the most research-validated treatment: EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. The mysterious world of web design quickly became overwhelming to them and they gave up. So they were very interested to hear that I could help them easily launch a proven site to help people in the Bay Area learn about how effective AND efficient EMDR is for the treatment of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. People from San Francisco to Oakland, San Jose to Marin or Walnut Creek can now find highly qualified EMDR therapists. We have the highest standards for inclusion of any EMDR directory web site. Therapists must either be Certified in EMDR or well on their way to certification. For PTSD help, link here to and to our updated new directory for the Bay Area: