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EMDR helped with physical pain and grief in San Diego

I am a therapist, and of course, I tried many therapies after I was in graduate school, which was 30 years ago. My father died at the time and it propelled me into various forms of personal growth. When I found EMDR, in 1995, I was intrigued with the possibilities, and thinking that I was “doing really well and healed from old grief” but hey, we can all use some “growth”, so I tried it.

At the time, I had hip pain that kept me from my regular jogging routine of 20-30 miles per week, and I felt I would be on Motrin forever. The pain was constant in my hip, with the experience of searing heat. I had been to doctors, a surgeon, a chiropractor, functional exercise specialists, nutrition specialists, and an acupuncturist. One day my therapist suggested we try using the pain as a target for EMDR. It is hard to believe, but ever since that session, the pain is gone 95% of the time, and it’s only a 2-4 out of 10, instead of 8-10 out of 10. I had had this pain for over 2 years. We had focused on the pain, and memories came up about my sister, and old injuries I had in the past. But focusing on the body sensation was profoundly powerful in diminishing it.

I am very grateful to EMDR for this change, but also others that came while working on family of origin issues. One early memory in particular was “rewired” and the result, for me, was a whole new way of being in my relationships. I can thank the gains I made in EMDR treatment for the fact that I have a most wonderful partnering with my husband.

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