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Relationship or Couples Issues in East Davis, California? Davis, CA Couples Counselor – find a Counselor who can Help you Find Intimacy and Connection Again

I’d like to introduce you to Diane Simon, LMFT, a dedicated and caring, highly qualified and experienced EMDR therapist in East Davis, CA. She specializes in treating relationship issues couples face.  I keep meeting her at valuable trainings around the state, including today in La Jolla taught by Katie O’Shea.

We are learning a wonderful, effective, safe and efficient way to help people with their emotions, including fear, sadness, depression, anxiety, and many, many more.  This approach, using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing psychotherapy) helps couple to resolve disturbing past experiences, especially those that happened early in their lives, that may be the cause of current relationship difficulties.  Yes, current issues are important too.  But past difficulties or lack of nurturing almost seem to set us up for failure. O’Shea’s method allows us to heal.  We can learn that emotions serve us, can come and go easily, and not be problems in our relationships.

Diane is EMDRIA Certified in EMDR and can help you to learn this way to live with your emotions, and hence become more comfortable together in your relationship.  Please link below to find the Davis, CA page and the link to Diane’s profile.  Give her a call in Davis and get going today.

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