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Child Counseling – How EMDR Therapy Works for Kids

This video is helpful for parents and their children.  EMDR is generally a rapid

therapy, and it works even more quickly for most children.  I hope you find the

video helpful!


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Counseling Children and Teens in San Diego, Hillcrest and Ocean Beach

Author:  Deborah Nielsen, LMFT, Certified EMDR Therapist

Effective counseling for children involves developmental insight and being able to meet a child where he or she is. On the surface, children may appear to have stress-free lives. Children tend to exhibit anxiety and depression differently than adults. Children may not articulate their feelings as much as they show a change in attitude or behavior.

Providing a safe atmosphere for expression and exploration is how I start counseling with children. Building on strengths and self esteem brings progress. Family involvement is important. I incorporate therapeutic arts, play and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, described more no the website below), and find that some combination of these elements will allow a child to move forward.

I work with children of all ages. Adolescents are on the bridge between childhood and adulthood. This is a complex time which can be confusing and overwhelming. I may incorporate journaling and role playing for teens. I find that teens and children alike often respond rapidly to EMDR.

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