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3 Steps to Take in Los Angeles when Life gets Overwhelming

Feeling overwhelmed?  Life giving you too much crisis, stress, loss, disappointment or frustration lately?  Want to push the “Stop” button? Here are helpful suggestions:

  1. Take time off to regain stability and get clear on your priorities.  A few days, or even a day or a half day can help.
  2. Say “no” to everything extra you can until life settles down.
  3. Get EMDR therapy for recent events to get back your best functioning.  This will help you to make better decisions for yourself and those who count on you.  It may only take one to three sessions.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) has been validated by more than 20 years of research to help with stress, trauma and crisis large or small, old or recent, that leave one feeling stuck.  There are researched EMDR protocols tailored for recent events.  The Standard Protocol is proven for traumas over a few months old (even if decades old such as war combat trauma or molestation).

To find a counselor  in Los Angeles Certified in EMDR, please link to the Los Angeles Directory on