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EMDR Psychologist Stephanie Baron, PhD has joined the Los Angeles directory of Comprehensive Therapy Approach website

Dr. Baron is a Los Angeles Psychologist specializing in EMDR Treatment.  She is not only a Certified EMDR therapist but also helps other therapists to become Certified by giving them consultation.

Her particular specialties include Trauma, Relationship Issues, Marital Conflict and Anxiety, Addictions, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Life Transitions.

I’ve met Dr. Baron at various EMDR trainings over the years, so I am delighted to help people suffering in Los Angeles to find her.  Our website is designed to help people who have experienced stresses that give them anxiety, OCD, Marital Conflict or difficult life transitions.  EMDR can help to overcome stresses in a natural way that uses the brains powerful potential to heal, not through a lot of talk or homework, but through a researched protocol for working with memories to calm them and put them to rest in the past.  Thus, people become freed from their past and able to be true to themselves in the present.

She treats teens, adults, couples and seniors and elders on Santa Monica Blvd in LA.

Please check out Dr. Baron’s profile (under construction) at