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Antoinette Gupta of Irvine just joined the EMDR directory: ComprehensiveTherapyApproach

I am pleased to announce that as an EMDR therapist in process of achieving EMDRIA Certification, Antoinette Gupta, LMFT has just joined the Orange County branch of

Wouldn’t it be nice to just lose interest in an Addiction?

I met her at an excellent training by Robert Miller, PhD in a powerful EMDR protocol for Addictions.  This “Feeling State Addictions Protocol” (FSAP) helps people with Substance or Behavioral Addictions to lose interest in their addiction!

Meeting Antoinette was a pleasure.  She is very enthusiastic about how EMDR is helping her clients, and eager to complete EMDRIA Certification by December.  Her specialties include:

Relationship issues
Grief and Loss
Addiction (behavioral and substance)
Anxiety and Depression
Self Esteem

Please link to Antoinette’s profile page to read more about her specialties.