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Seattle Counselor for Stress, Grief and Loss: Victoria Claravall

 Victoria Claravall is an EMDR Therapist in Seattle

Victoria can help with Stress, Trauma, even PTSD, Grief/Loss, whether it just involves you, or your relationship or even the whole family.  To learn more about her and her services, please see her listing on our local web directory for Certified EMDR Therapists:

Victoria’s Seattle Profile Page

Seattle Counselor helps with Depression, Anxiety, and Bad Experiences

Carol Peters is an EMDR Therapist in Seattle

She also helps adults and children with PTSD, EMDR, Trauma-both childhood and adult, Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss,  Creating Healthy Relationships.  Carol has qualified for an exclusive Seattle web directory of Certified EMDR Therapists.  Please check out her profile page on Comprehensive Therapy to learn more about Carol Peters and how she can help you:

Link to her Seattle Profile Page:  Carol Peters, LMHC

June 27, 2012 is the third National PTSD Awareness Day

Tomorrow, June 27, 2012 is the third National PTSD Awareness Day.  It exists thanks to a resolution sponsored by Senator Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) and passed by Congress. (Thank you, Senator Conrad!)

This date is chosen in honor of a North Dakota Army National Guard Staff Sgt. Joe Biel who took his own life following two tours in Iraq. Biel’s birthday was June 27th. There are concerns that up to 30 percent of the veterans of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan may be affected by PTSD. With such large numbers of returning troops, we need well trained mental health professionals to help our veterans.   And we need informed people like you, who can share useful facts and info with dear ones who can use it.

The tragedy is that PTSD is resolvable.  Much research has proven that EMDR can help PTSD resolve without a lot of talking or homework between sessions.  And, people continue to improve once the therapy is complete.

CBT can also help people successfully, for those who are comfortable with talking and homework.

To find Certified EMDR therapists in the Veteran’s health system, ask your doctor or social worker.  It has been approved by the VA and by the Department of Defense.  If it is not available in your local VA, it is a political issue, and may need political solutions.  You might contact Senator Conrad for ideas or your own senator or congressperson.

If you are a civilian, you might still have PTSD without having gone to war.  Research has shown that people can have higher PTSD scores for non-life-threatening traumas or stresses.  Certified EMDR therapists can be easily found in the following cities/areas, please link to their local Directories:

Bay Area Certified EMDR Therapists

Los Angeles Certified EMDR Therapists:  (will launch the first members in a week)

Orange County Certified EMDR Therapists

Sacramento Area Certified EMDR Therapists 

San Diego County Certified EMDR Therapists

Seattle Area Certified EMDR Therapists 

Washington State Certified EMDR Therapists

If you want a similar directory to come to your area, please contact me, Dana Terrell, at


EMDR Helps Worriers in Seattle, Washington

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  It is a psychotherapy that has been researched thoroughly and proven to help with the severe problem of PTST.  Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is an intense anxiety disorder.  EMDR can help milder anxiety, as well.  Worry is one of those cases.  Here are the comments of one client:

“What I have learned from my EMDR sessions has changed my entire outlook and perspective on life. I am one that has a problem with worrying about everything. Now with the help of EMDR I feel more confident in myself and am finally in control of my life. It has been an extremely valuable and helpful experience.”   — Bonnie

We have a wonderful resource in Seattle to help you find a Certified EMDR therapist.  We have therapists in Kirkland, Spokane Valley, Seattle, Port Orchard and Poulsbo.  They’d love to hear from you.  Please check them out at


Food Issues or Eating Disorder? FSAP is a Breakthrough Therapy Based on EMDR

Are you eating the food, or is the food eating you?  Is your food serving you, or does your whole life revolve about what your body looks like, or whether you eat, when you eat, what to eat, or “OMG I can’t stop eating”?

Robert Miller, PhD has researched his treatment, called the “Feeling State Addictions Protocol (FSAP),” with promising results.

Food issues can be life threatening, so when a breakthrough therapy comes up, I believe it is important to share the good news effectively.    The FSAP is based on the fact that we would not have an addiction if it didn’t do something positive for us.  It gives us some intensely positive feeling.  Many treatments ignore this simple fact.  Perhaps this is why relapse is commonplace.

One of my clients with an eating disorder was ready to work on it, becauses she needs to lose weight in order to have a surgery she really wants.  Fortunately, I’d just taken Dr. Miller’s FSAP training in May 2012. So, I asked her to identify her best experience with food.

For her it was when she was young, and went out to eat with church friends at a smorgasbord restaurant.  Most intense moment?  When she was surrounded by happy loving people and a big plate of prime rib was delivered to her.  Her positive feeling state:  being connected with happy, loving people (she’d been abused by a rageaholic all her life).  As we processed with EMDR she said, “I’m pushing my plate away, and I’m drinking water and enjoying all the happy, loving people.”  The connection between the behavior of eating and the feeling state of being connected with happy, loving people reduced from a 10 out of 10 (the strongest connection possible) to a 5 in one session.

She realized she could be connected with happy, loving people and the food was incidental.  She was starting to lose interest in it.  However, she will still be able to eat, of course.  She will gradually just become free from obsession and compulsion about food.

Robert Miller has found this protocol makes people lose interest in their addiction, whether to substances or behaviors, in 5-6 sessions.  To read more about it, please read an article by Susan Brown, LCSW, BCD.  Afterwards, please check out our directory of Certified EMDR Therapists in San Diego or in any of our other cities and regions which we serve.  Many San Diego therapists took his training, and it will be listed in their specialties as the FSAP Protocol.

If you are in other areas, stay posted.  He is coming to Berkeley in June, Los Angeles in September, and Seattle in October, 2012.  Many of your local Certified EMDR therapists should then be on board with this breakthrough therapy.  Please refer your Certified EMDR therapist to Dr. Robert Miller, so he or she will be one of the first in your area to be trained.  Dr. Miller only trains EMDR therapists, because trauma is often underneath addictions and needs a well-prepared and trained EMDR therapist to help the client safely process and “put to rest” the trauma.